Q: Do I need a driver’s license?

A: Yes, you need a driver’s license to drive our Jeeps.


Q: Is there any age restriction?

A: Yes. Due to insurance stipulations, you must be 25 to operate our Jeeps.


Q: I have never been offroading or four-wheeling before, do I need experience?

A: No offroading experience is necessary.


Q: Is four-wheeling a dangerous sport?

A: If done in an improper or unsafe manner, driving beyond you or the Jeeps limitations, yes it can be. That's why we're here- to guide you!


Q: What are some of the trails like?

A: Trails at SVRA’s(State Vehicle Recreation Areas) are rated similar to ski resorts; Green circle for easy, blue square for moderate, black diamond for difficult and so on for double and triple black diamond ratings.


Q: What kind of Jeeps will we be using?

A: Currently our three rental Jeeps are two Jeep wrangler TJ’s(model years 1997-2006) capable of seating four people each and one Jeep Cherokee Sport capable of seating five people. All three Jeeps are equipped with body armor, lifted 4.5-5.5 inches, large tires and has front and rear electric locking differentials.


Q: Am I liable for damage that may occur while I’m driving the Jeep?

A: The price for the trip covers everything, including possible or inevitable damage. The only exception will be if you do blatantly disregard our guides instructions and major damage occurs.


Q: Is this safe for my kids to come?

A: Absolutely, yes. This is a great family sport- for family members of all ages. My sons first trip was about three days after he turned one year old, and he loved it.


Q: Do you provide childrens car seats/booster seats?

A: No, we dont. Please bring the age approriate seat that your child/children uses in your vehicle to ensure their maximum safety.


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Currently our policy is no pets, unless it a service dog.


Q: You say you provide all camping gear, what does that mean?

A: Each Jeep is outfitted with appropriate camping gear for the current climate and weather forecast. There will be a tent that will fit all occupants of the Jeep, cots, and sleeping bags. Before each trip, our sleeping bags are brought to a commercial cleaner and washed to insure a fresh, clean sleeping bag for each user.


Q: Can I bring alcohol?

A: If you book out the entire trip, meaning all available rental Jeeps, then yes (drinking only allowed after the trail- not during). BUT, if you are only renting one Jeep in the group then our policy is no. We want to keep our trips as family-friendly to everyone of all ages and beliefs as we can. 


Q: If you provide camping gear and the food, then what do I actually need to bring?

A: All you need to bring is your clothes for the current weather, toiletries, and a good attitude.  We will take care of everything else.