If you are an active club member in need of a Jeep last minute (Club run & your rig is out of commision, organized trip you had coming up, etc), we do have special pricing and can rent one of our Jeeps out to you. Contact us for pricing info.

4x4 Club Member Rentals

If you have your own Jeep/off-road vehicle, but arent quite sure where you should go or how to get into the hobby, we're here for you! Guide services can be provided to instruct & take you out on the trails. Our guide will accompany you in his/her own Jeep, and make sure you and your Jeep make it back in one piece! Contact us for more info & pricing. 

Guide Services

We are now fabricating independent front suspension crossmembers for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers. This crossmember is designed to use Ford Bronco and F150 TTB front beams. A budget friendly alternative for adding IFS to a Wrangler! Give yourself a smoother ride-as most of you know- Jeeps usually aren't! Contact us today for more information or to place an order! Be sure to check out our Instagram @venturejeeps to follow along on our builds.

Jeep Wrangler IFS Crossmembers