Meet Anthony
"Venture Jeeps has been a dream of mine for over a decade,
but I wasn’t able to make it a reality until now. Some of my fondest memories as a child were when my parents, two younger brothers, and I would pile into our 1946 Willy’s Jeep and go four wheeling on the Rubicon trail. Fitting five people and a weekend worth of supplies into that Jeep was near impossible, but my dad made it work. Throughout my entire growing up, my dad owned a Jeep.
Fast forward a few years and I owned my own Jeep Wrangler.  Then eventually, a few Jeep Cherokees, and even my dad’s old
Jeep CJ-5. The main problem I had in my beginner stages of wheeling was learning by trial and error, and lots of cheap parts.
It’s hard to buy quality parts without a proper budget. No one was around to teach me the proper etiquette of four wheeling (if there is a proper way), or what parts were best suited for what I wanted to do. I learned from my mistakes, many broken parts, and tried again. I’m married and have one child, so my priorities have shifted gears on the trail. I’m now interested in having a great time four wheeling with my family, being safe, and not working on a broken jeep the entire trip ( which has happened in the past). I still like challenging obstacles that take some creative thinking to pass, but I'm definitely not out for the "wow" factor anymore. I’ve taken out many first timers in my Jeeps, and their safety has always been my priority.
I want people to be able to learn to four wheel in the safest way possible, have fun testing the working limits of a modified Jeep, and go home with smiles on their faces. I'd like to teach people some of the science and mechanics behind the sport so they don’t have to learn from expensive mistakes like I had to."



Meet Linda
"I grew up at the beach. Pretty different than Anthony's outdoor childhood. My grandparents had a Jeep CJ-5 for a while when I was younger. During the winters, my grandpa would load us up, and explore forest service roads blanketed in snow. That was the extent of my Jeep/off-roading adventuring. My first actual four wheeling trip took place many years later when we were engaged, in one of Anthony's many Cherokees. Not gonna lie- it seemed really strange and scary for the first year or two. Being a photographer, I made it my business to always be out of the vehicles to capture the "cool stuff" while it was happening. Being in the forests and public lands have really grown on me over the years. I love the scenery, the sounds, the space. With how crazy technology is these days, it's really nice to be able to take a break from wifi and Facebook updates, and connect back with nature."